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Our story

The world spoke, and we listened. People are tired of the same old canned beverages with the same old flavors. They want, and deserve, something more.

Say hello to KickStand, the world’s first canned beverage dedicated solely to creating perfectly balanced, totally crushable spiced cocktails.


In December 2021, in a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Darren Rovell had been drinking cucumber jalapeno cocktails when he realized each drink tasted differently with a range of spice levels. Ruling out inconsistent bartending, Rovell realized it was the jalapeno itself – nearly impossible to guarantee the consistency of each jalapeno.

That's when the lightbulb went off.

With consumer trends toward spicy foods and beverages rising, Rovell married industry data, along with consumer trends and palettes and determined the canned cocktail market was missing a spicy canned cocktail that is predictable and consistent.

The drink had to pair well with food, allow for consumers to drink several in a single sitting without their mouth overheating, and toned-down carbonation in order to make the cocktail drinkable. Knowing that the word “spice” can be intimidating, the drinks had to be “crushable,” reiterating the smoothness and drinkability of KickStand Cocktails.


After bringing in the right key partners, including founding investors – JJ and Kealia Watt, TJ and Dani Watt, Eddie and Taj George and Brad Keselowski, KickStand Cocktails has created a new staple in the world of canned spirits.

Premium Spirits. Crushable Spice.

our heat scale

We have carefully crafted a 'heat scale' to categorize flavors based on our three levels of heat: Mild, Medium & Hot.


jalapeno cucumber




pineapple poblano


peach chipotle

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