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SO....why spicy?

The world spoke, and we listened. People are tired of the same old canned beverages with the same old flavors. They want, and deserve, something more.

Say hello to KickStand, the world’s first canned beverage dedicated solely to creating perfectly balanced, totally crushable spiced cocktails.


Spicy cocktails are sweeping the nation

As Americans have spiced up their food and beverage choices. But for those at home, on the road, or even at bars, spicy cocktails aren’t easy to consistently make.

People are
looking for more spice in their lives.

Tastes are expanding beyond mild, medium, and hot to more nuanced, pepper-specific flavors like ancho, serrano, and habanero; as well as spicy flavor pairings with sweet and tangy flavors like spicy smoked maple or peri-peri pineapple.


Google searches
for the word
spicy from 2004 to today

As of 2020, Google Analytics confirms that Google searches for the word spicy have risen nearly 4x and the searches keep coming.

Source: Google

our heat scale

We have carefully crafted a spice-specific 'heat scale' to categorize our flavors into 1 of 3 levels of heat: Mild, Medium & Hot.


jalapeno cucumber


pineapple poblano


peach chipotle

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